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The advent of computer technology has made typing an important part of our day-to-day life. Previously, typing skill was considered essential only for secretaries, transcriptionists, and data entry clerks. However, with the increasing use of computers and the Internet, typing skills are becoming a basic requirement for almost everyone.

Fast and accurate typing skills can help you improve your personal communication and also your professional opportunities. In today’s competitive job market, most employers expect more than a graduation from applicants. They want employees with computer knowledge and faster typing skills. Typing skills enhance your chances to get new career opportunities and the potential to earn more.


Types of Typing Tests

At http://typingblaze.com, we offer different types of typing tests to suit your various needs. The various typing tests available are:

Data Entry Test

• Data Entry KPH Test

• 10 Key test

• WPM Test

Data Entry Test

The Data Entry Test helps you to validate and improve your typing skills. It helps you to evaluate your typing ability and speed. This test calculates the average data entry speed in Words per Minute (WPM).

Data Entry KPH Test

Less keystrokes per hour is a major drawback in job interviews and often the prospect of landing a job is damaged because of slow typing speed. The Data Entry KPH Test enables you to validate your Keystrokes per Hour (KPH). This test is different from the Data Entry or the WPM Test. As per standard typing conversion, 5 keystrokes constitute a word. So, 100 keystrokes will amount to 20 words.

10 Key Test

Many online data entry jobs require fast numeric data entry. The 10 Key Test validates your numeric typing ability. In this test, you will use only the numbers in the keyboard. You can either use the numeric pad on the right side of the keyboard or the numeric keys on the top. This test helps you to improve your numeric data entry speed and is quite popular among job applicants.

WPM Test

The Words per Minute (WPM) test evaluates the number of words you can type in a minute. This test is primarily designed for new comers. You have to type a minimum requirement of 60 words per minute for alpha data entry and 100 words and above for executive level. With regular practice, you can improve your typing speed and WPM greatly.


Ways to Improve Your Typing Skills

Typing is a skill and it improves with constant practice. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your typing speed.

• Proper posture helps a lot in improving typing skills. Ensure you are comfortable with your chair, its height, and its distance between the table. Rest your hands comfortably on the table while you type.

• Typing is a basic requirement for many job opportunities and error-free typing is as important as fast typing. Touch typing and using the correct keystrokes for each finger can help increase your typing speed and accuracy.

• Familiarize yourself with the keyboard layout by typing as much as possible. You can practise typing by copying a page from a book or by participating in online forums and chat.

• Take online typing tests frequently to evaluate your typing skills. These tests are designed not only to evaluate your typing skills but also to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Typing lessons and games can also help you to increase the typing speed.

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