WPM test

Do you have a mania for G Talk, Facebook or Whats app? Want to communicate more with your friends? Try our online WPM test and see how fast you can type in comparison with your peer.

WPM test, basically, refers to a typing test to figure out the speed and accuracy level of the typing for any user in terms of words per minute. The test is built on the concept of defining any word as of static length of five characters. Accordingly, words of different number of characters are evaluated concerning five as average word length. All the alphanumeric characters, spaces, punctuation and any other visible characters are considered for computing the number of words typed or entered during the defined time period. Again, a track on the correctness of the entries is kept to decide the accuracy level of the data entry.

WPM test

Our online WPM test comprises of various practice tests catering to the requirements of a diverse group of users. We provide options for both free typing test and timed typing test, with each test having three levels of difficulties – Beginners, Moderate, Difficult. In free typing test, the user has to click the Start Button to initiate the test and has to keep on typing till he reaches at the last character of the test content. The auto generated report will display information on total number of characters entered, number of correct entries, accuracy level and WPM. However, in case of a timed typing test, the user is allowed to enter the characters given in the test content only for pre-defined time. The test automatically displays the test results once the allowed time is over irrespective of whether all the given characters have been entered or not. Our WPM test also includes a feature on Peer comparison that enables the user to compare his typing performance with other users of our online test. Thus, our test can provide you a real picture on your typing caliber and so, a scope for self-assessment. We have customized the test contents as per uses with mobiles, PCs or Laptops with test contents encompassing various topics related to social networking data, corporate data.

Everybody in today’s era wants to stay connected through various social networking tools. This calls for frequent typing activities with greater speed and accuracy. If you feel you are not matching with the speed of your friend circle in typing messages, we have definitely solution for you. Do not shy away and do not refrain yourself from such activities; just try out our wpm test service and see the difference in few days. We have also extended our solution options to the professionals, job hunters with test contents on professional data entry topics. If you are trying to improve up on your current speed and accuracy to become more productive for your organization, our tests can certainly help you in that direction. Also, if you are preparing for data entry and related jobs, keep practicing utilizing our test packages until you achieve a good result for yourself.

This online test service can definitely work as wonder for you whether you work in professional front or in social networking sites. You are just one step away from it; Visit our website to have a feel on it.

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